My fascination with the human body, the art of performing, dance, expression and movement began at a very young age. I developed an intimate relationship with movement through the poetry of dance thus beginning my vocational dance training at the age of 2. This path of poetic movement, began my love affair for self expression through body. The art presented me with the opportunities throughout my life, teaching, performing, travelling. All through which I deepened my understanding of self and how I interfaced with the world around me.

As I continued on my path I was lead to explore my passion for human kinetics and biomechanics through fitness, structured movement, and therapeutic touch of massage. Once yoga and meditation landed on my path it was clear that nothing else would be able to offer me that same sense of inter and inner connectedness I had been seeking since I left the world of dance. Through mediation and the physical asana practice I discovered a deep solace and reprieve from a scary world. A world in which I felt alone, broken, wounded and lost in the deep abyss of mental/physical illness. The practice itself was both profound and intriguing… my natural curiosity was peaked so naturally I delved deeper and deeper into the practice.

All these practices in conjunction with my current study of Traditional Chinese Medicine have created a holistic approach to alignment based teachings. The learnings i’ve acquired through living and structured teachings lend themselves well to facilitating a safe space for students and patients to land, to delve into their self-expression and from that place, discovering their most authentic expression.

I am committed to life long learning, to authenticity and to human connection through vulnerability. Soft and strong, wild and free, subtle with ripples that extend beyond reach. It’s my goal to provide a safe space for each student and patient to discover and strengthen within themselves everything they need to be their most vibrant being.